Slide The Mikoko project aims at improving the conservation and the resilience of Kenya's mangrove forests, thus strengthening the capacities of Kenya to tackle the impacts of global change along its Indian Ocean coast. Slide A Covid-response project financed by the AFD will enable twenty public hospitals, distributed in all over the country, to provide high-quality care for tackling the critical cases. Thus, the project will support 20 medical facilities in 19 counties with Covid-19 response equipment, respirators, ventilators and oxygen generators. Slide The Kisumu Urban Project aims at improving the quality of life of the citizens of Kenya’s third largest city, and insuring its sustainable development.
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Aline Kuster-Menager

Embassy of France in Kenya and Somalia
Peponi Gardens, Off Peponi Road
P.O. Box 41784
Nairobi, Kenya
phone: +254 20 760 55 55